10 Unique Photo Display Ideas That Spice Up Your Decor

Photos are the stills of the time that we often love to stop by and revisit them. Gone are the days when we store pictures in an album that are preserved for years. But in today’s digital world, we have smartphones, tablets, laptops to store them. However, we rarely have the time to go back to the time when they have been clicked. So, it is still a good idea to take prints of your special memories and use them in a variety of ways. If you don’t know from where to get your photo prints, then you should try out

By saying it, we don’t only mean that you should frame the photos and hang them on your wall. In fact, there are many unique and creative ways to display your photos that will not only spice up your decor, but will take you down to the memory lane whenever you wish.

So, here 10 Unique Photo Display Ideas That Spice Up Your Decore

1# Create Colorful Wall Frames Using Washi Tape:

Nailing the walls is not always a better idea. Instead you can use colorful washi tapes to create a frame around your printed pictures and create a beautiful picture gallery on your favorite wall. This way you can place as many photos as you want to show your creativity



2# Use Wooden Clothespin And Rope:

Whether it’s your bedroom window, balcony or any other corner of your home. You can use your imagination to run the rope line and hang the photos using a clothespin. Get prints of your favorite moments or take out the old gems hidden within the books and cherish them anytime

3# Create Photo Grid Using Poster Tape:

If you have plenty of photos and want to keep adding more then better to use a poster tape. Poster tape is gentle to the walls and does not wear off the paint or the photos itself. We recommend that you should first create markings on the walls, so as to properly space out the photos and maintain the consistency.

To make it appear more unique, you can customize your photos of a particular type like color or shade or gradient. Like starting with the pale or lightest color to the brightest ones. You can even use black and white pictures, or make them as vibrant as a rainbow. This way can create a really amazing mosaic or ombre effect to the entire setup.

Tip: You can also purchase a metal DIY photo grid and just hang your printed photo in an artistic way. This is one of the best photo display ideas that can be used as a wall decoration for living room, bedroom, and even in home office set up

4# Magnetic Board:

This is one of the quick and easiest photo display ideas. You just need to buy a magnetic board, some magnets of your choice and start sticking your printed photos. A magnetic board above. your desk or the front wall of your dining space can be a good idea. There is no end to the creativity, so you can also stick beautiful decorative magnets on them.

Tip: You can use color a paper photo frames to add a vibrant look to the magnetic board. This idea will surely make your friends and relatives jealous.

5# Fairy or String Lights:

If you want your photos to light up, then fairy or string lights are a very bright photo display idea. All you need is a string light and hang it on your wall as you like and use a wooden clothespin to attach your photos. Although this may not be a very creative idea, you can use your imagination to hang the photos in multiple ways. Like, use this photo display idea to show your amazing selfies, or edit your photos a little before printing

Tip: You can edit your photos in a particular angle like diagonally or by focussing a particular object on your pic like smiles

6# Create a Family Tree Using Branches or stem:

You can never go wrong with this creative idea, as it will give an optimistic feel to your decor. Try out searching for a fallen branch or stem of a tree on your next hiking or picnic. Stick the stem or branch using a double-sided tape or other strong sticking material. Use rope or strings to make 2 or 3 floating lines and clamp your photos using a paper clip, clothespin, tape them on the backside or even punch a hole and tie a knot.

Alternative: You can purchase a wooden photo hanger to create the same effect. You can use various combinations to display your photo that will add beauty to any piece of wall or area you want.

7# Big wooden Collage Frame:

This Photo display idea is the minimalist way to add beauty and emotions to your home decor. Simply buy a big frame and start pasting or sticking your fond memories with friends, family, couple, kids and more. This is also a very good gifting option for mother’s day, anniversary or any other special moment. You can hang the big frame on the bedroom wall, gallery or just keep it on your desk, table or anywhere you want.

8# Picture Easel Stand:

Don’t want to hang anything on your wall?

No issues, you still can display your printed photos on a tabletop using a picture easel stand. You can look out for them on Amazon, where you can find a variety of options. These picture easels can be metal, MDF wood, plastic and more. Ditching the old frame style, you can just put your photo to these easel picture stands and keep them on your desk, bedside table or anywhere you want.

The best part of this is, you can keep changing the photos without any trouble of removing the frames.

9# Use a ladder:

This is indeed a very innovative photo display idea. Just level up a ladder on the corner of your living room and add string lights and other decorative items to it. Now hang your photos using clothespin in any way you like. Pictures are the records of your precious moments, so use your imagination to tell a story about you, your family and best moments.

10# Photo Hula Hoop:

Imaginations have no boundaries, and when it comes to displaying your memories, trust me there are a plethora of ideas to do so. All you need is a metal hula hoop, or perhaps of any other shape you like, maybe a star or a hexagonal. Decorate the corners with artificial flowers, petals and bells. Now use tapes or ropes to create grids or lines to attach photos to it, and your own photo hula hoop is read to display

So, these were our 10 Unique Photo Display Ideas That Spice Up Your Decor. Hope you liked them reading and imagining one of them for you. You can take inspiration from them and twist and turn them to make the most out of your memory. 


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