About US

Photolelo is the first website which combines memories with Life. Photolelo is a photography service that by taking a picture of your memorable event, users can upload their smartphone photos to website and we will get them with an hard copy of that photos which is absolutely free”

 It is not easier to get unlimited prints of your favourite phone images ( photos ) which look's as beautiful as they do in digitally, the way you took them. Photolelo brings you a new opportunity for digital photo printing. Now Print photos quickly, easily and absolutely for FREE!
Photolelo is free photo printing application and gets paid for advertisement on back of your photo print. We use the blank space on the back of each photo print for advertisement purpose, which is wasted for the last 100 yrs for no reason, to deliver extra photos, captions, and targeted advertising.

Why Innovative ?

How Much Clicks You Take In Each Month.?

According to an survey, across 100 photos is clicked by each person every month, includes memories of his life like Events, Occasions, Get-togethers, Functions, Seminar’s, etc. But most of the time you won’t be able to keep that with you for an lifelong. While Chances of getting memory card corrupt, Stolen, or lost is more. Most of us suffering from a same problem otherwise you could have all those photos from the day of your birth. But what If we will provide you with an hard copy of your memories(Photos), at your location, and even absolutely free.

Will it Possible.?

Yes, We make this possible for you, because we believe memories are the most beautiful things in life.

Concept Of Project:

We Will Provide five hard copy each month per user, Which is absolutely free. Above five copies we will charge from them as 7 Rs Each copy. A delivery time will be estimated as Seven days from the date of ordered. While no delivery charges will be taken from the user.

Why We Are Different:..

As we see Television advertisement, Advertisement in News Paper, or on radio, they all have a several drawbacks. Like these advertisement are worldwide published. While it is not only seen by particular target audience to engage but also to those who have no interest in that particular product or service. While some times it makes a west of money and time. Even a chances of getting engage by a customers is also less, as we hardly remember any advertisement on TV or radio, which we have seen or lesson. This is a big reason behind a cause to make our campaigning flop. “Photolelo” will make you catch all these stumbling blocks. “Photolelo” will advertise whenever user rememorizes his memories. Even benefit of behind it is, an advertisement is always with him for lifetime, so chances of being engagement with brand is more. Whenever users see his collection of photos an advertisement behind a photo will appear. This is absolutely for life-time. It means it really worth, as it is one time paid service by business/Enterprises

Future Scope:.. As Advisement sector is growing fast worldwide. In future we will focus towards making our application available for all metro cities. As Photolelo is limited to only on android mobiles, in future we plan to launch it for i-os, windows and desktop application. In future, Photolelo will upgrade even for a sellers, so that they can promote business online through us more conveniently.


Bring your best memories back to life.


We preserve your memories and keep them safe for years to come. Our unique service combines photography with life, so you can upload your smartphone photos to our website and receive an hard copy of them absolutely free. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any other special event, Photolelo is the perfect way to immortalize your memories. We only charge a minimum value if there is no advertisement allotted to us in your area.


★ People don't throw the photos they order away so Photolelo advertisement lasts much longer than other forms of advertising media.
As people get unlimited photo prints a year from Photolelo they don't frame them all.
We provide Captions, on the back of prints give people a reason to flip them over. That ensures your advertisement gets seen too.

★ People's photos are always perfectly targeted to them and looking at their pictures before they see your ad primes them to feel good. As they are well known that your advertising has paid for their printing and shipping. Rather than interrupting people and annoying them, as traditional ads do, so by Photolelo you are delivering gifts without damaging the moment they're trying to enjoy
★Photolelo is photo printing apps and provides a photo print free to our customers. we only charge a small amount for delivery to give you a better experience of accuracy in delivery time.

★Photolelo Android App provides you photo print delivered directly at your home. We Only Charge minimum amount from you for delivery and printing in certainly if we don't have advertisers in some areas.

What do I get for free?
★you will get unlimited free 4x6 prints.

What do I pay for?
★ Shipping and handling fee – Standard shipping starts at just ₹75.
★ Min charges of prints 7 Rs / print in few areas (Free for the limited region).

At Photolelo, we know the importance of preserving your life’s special moments. Having physical photos of your favorite memories means so much more than having them stuck on your phone.

★It’s the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to print your photos from your mobile phone and gift to someone on a special occasion.
★ Print photos and get them delivered to your door in just a few days!